Introduction to Microsoft office button

Microsoft office button

Microsoft office button is the most important tool of the MS Word. It is mandatory, learning the uses of Microsoft office button for every MS Word user. In this lesson we’ll introduce to Microsoft office button and quick access toolbar.

Microsoft office button is located on the top of the left side of the program window. This button includes the commands are New, Open, Save, Close, etc. Which commands show the right arrow that indicates the sub-commands. If you keep the mouse on this command, it shows the list of sub-commands.

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 Quick Access Toolbar

quick access toolbar

quick access toolbar

QAT makes it easy to use Microsoft Word. You can add the most use able essential tools in this quick access toolbar.

There are some options, Save, Undo, Redo/Repeat, Quick, print, etc. But you can add or remove any tool in QAT as your choice.

How to move QAT

= Click on Customize Quick Access Toolbar.

= Click on Show below the Ribbon or Show above the Ribbon.

How to Add Command at QAT

= Click on Customize Quick Access Toolbar

= Choose the commands.

= Right click on the Commands

= Click on Add to Quick Access Toolbar from the contractual menu

How to remove Command at QAT

= Right click on command

= Click on Remove from Quick Access Toolbar from the contractual menu

Mini toolbar

After select text and command text formatting Mini Toolbar comes automatically.

Use of Mini Toolbar

  1. Select for formatting.
  2. Click on the desired command on the mini toolbar.
  3. Click on outside of mini toolbar

Stop Mini Toolbar

  1. Click Microsoft office.
  2. Click word option.
  3. Click on Personalize/Popular tab from word option window.

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