Learn WordPress From Ground Level⇒

Read and Follow this Beginners Guide to learn WordPress from primary level. We have organized the titles that you should know for creating a professional blog. It is amazing, you wouldn’t find it anywhere.

It’s a short learning course in WordPress customization.

(To learn advanced WordPress Please search on w3ict Search bar…)

Now Start

  1. What is WordPress?
  2. How to Install WordPress?
  3. How to configure WordPress Settings?
  4. How to Install WordPress Theme?
  5. How to set a logo, banner, and favicon?
  6. How to create menu, category, post & page?
  7. What is WordPress plugin?
  8. How to install WordPress plugin?
  9. How to install SSL certificates on your website?
  10. How to install contact form on your website?
  11. How to configure Akismet Anti-Spam?
  12. How to install and configure WP total catch plugin?
  13. How to install and maintain catch plugin for your website?
  14. How to make secure your website from malware (Wordfence Security)?
  15. How to install and configure Yoast SEO plugin?
  16. How to set subscription form?
  17. How to set PushEngage on your website?
  18. How to set social share buttons on your website?
  19. How to install custom chat for facebook?
  20. How to optimize images for your website?
  21. How to minify javascript for your WordPress website?
  22. How to set google map in your website page?
  23. How to set google analytics for your websites?
  24. How to set google custom search for your website’s search page?
  25. How to speed up your WordPress website?
  26. How to create About Us, Privacy & Policy, Contact us page?