Windows Operating System: There are various kinds of Operating System. One of the most popular is the Windows Operating System. If you want to use a Computer, so firstly you have to know the utilization of Windows Operating System.

Windows Desktop Screen: After Starting Computer Windows Appears Desktop Screen. On the Desktop, you will see the deferent’s File, Folder with default icons.

Default icons: You’ll see 3 default icons On the Display. Like My Computer, Recycle Bin and Control Panel with other software Shortcut Icons.

Taskbar: Under Display Screen from start button to date & time is called Taskbar. It can be in different place on the screen at the top, bottom, left, or right. You can keep software icon symbols on Taskbar for quick access. If you minimize any Tab or window you’ll get all on Taskbar.

Start Button: In the left corner of the bottom side on the screen, the windows symbol is called Start Button. There are many Options in the Start button. Like Search, Control Panel, Setting, Shut Down, Restart etc. Otherwise, we can quickly start all programs from this Start Button.

Desktop Screen Setting: Press right click on Mouse. Then appear an interface, where you’ll see the Screen Setting option. In this interface options are View, Sorted by, Refresh, Screen resolution and Personalize. There are options Icon Hide & Unhide option and change wallpaper option.

Windows Desktop Screen: Bellow the pictures of Windows Desktop.


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