Hello friends, learn how to configure WordPress settings? At first, you may take a tour of our most popular tutorial on how to install WordPress. After WordPress installation, every user should know the configuration of the setting panel for their websites.

Login ( www.example.com/wp-admin) Dashboard and go to the left sidebar on the setting tab. It contains multiple sub-tab.

Click on the settings tab. it takes users to the Settings »General screen.

The other tabs under the settings tabs are Reading, Writing, Discussion, Media, and Permalinks and Privacy.

Okay, Now Start the configure WordPress settings:

General setting.

Here you have to fill and set the fields as your requirements.

The fields are:

Site Title name, Tagline, WP address URL, your website URL, Email Address, Setting Membership, Setting New user Default role, Setting language, setting time zone and Date format.

Writing Setting

Setting post and categories options.

Reading Setting

  • In this Reading setting, you have to set a Home page of your web site.
  • Fix the post number that’s will be shown per page to the readers?
  • RSS or feed items to be shown, whether or not full text and summary ought to be shown.
  • and the end up never check the box for discouraging search engines for your web site.

Discussion settings

Discussion settings are:

  • Article setting
  • comment settings
  • e-mail notifications
  • Avatar setting

Media settings

This setting is associated with transfer and management of pictures and different media among WordPress. Things like image sizes and cropping sizes are managed here.

Permalinks settings

Associated with uniform resource locator structure of the web site. These settings clear and easier for users to search out and keep in mind URLs to specific posts. exploitation of the right structure also will facilitate to raised organize posts among the varied classes. choices during this setting permit you to manage whether or not you wish dates mirrored in your URLs or simply titles and classes, or some combination of each.

Privacy Setting

Here you can set the existing privacy policy page. Otherwise, create a new page and select the page.

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